Any chance for CES in the winter League 2019?

At the end of the 12th round of winter AOV 2019, Cerberus AOV Team lost against Swing phantom 0 – 3 . The defeat also brought an end to the our hope for relegation battle. It can be said that Cerberus AOV is stopping at an extremely difficult position, top 7 at AOV winter 2019.

The last two opponents of the second leg will be 2 top teams, Flash and HTVC IGP. Even though the journey is going to end soon, we never let it go easily and always maintain our passionate fighting spirit.

Stay tuned for next matches and wait to see which teams will be prevented to the 1st position by CES this week.

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CES currently fields 5 teams – including: PUBG, LOL Main Team, Academy Team, Valorant, and Arena of Valor.

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