CERBERUS won the first season in the winter League 2019 before “King of Match 5” FTV

In the 10th round of the group stage, CERBERUS faced FTV with a cool headed mentality. The great lineup of CES continues to express their discomfort in the face of FTV when faced with a 2-0 quickly defecit. Scrizzar and his teammates have always been the reason for this victory.

However, Noodle and his teammates have made mixed moves and made mistakes that make two consecutive wins fall into the hands of FTV and force CES to take it to the 5th game to determine the winner.

The desire to win and the determination of the teams, cautious and calculated, CERBERUS finally obtained the first convincing victory with a final score of 3-2 before “King of match 5” FTV.

Final win 3-2 for CERBERUS


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