In our most recent games with DBL, we have utterly wiped the floor with them. This pushed us up to a relatively comfortable position of 4th place in the VCS and if we continue to stay here, we have a chance to reach the playoffs. This requires that we need to win our next couple of games, but that shouldn’t be difficult of course.

In the first game, we had a slow and losing early game. We lost the first, third and fourth dragons and our Toplaner LL was caught out multiple times along with Artemis, our ADC. It seemed almost hopeless for our team. But during the midgame, we managed to turn it around.

In the mid-game of game 1, we managed to group up, contest and steal dragon from DBL 2 times and that allowed us to get a few extra buffs in order to push forward with the game. Besides that, our star players Yado and Artemis finally took control of the game. Dominating with impeccable positioning that allowed them to use their abilities to the best potential. 

After winning the 2 team fights at dragon pit, the team finally managed to secure enough kills to get fed in the game where they finally pushed hard down into mid and took the towers and finally the nexus. It was a relatively close game, however, CES would never let their enemies win so easily. 

In our second game with DBL, we really, really destroyed them. LL and Xuhao both were making great plays in the early game and securing kills for themselves and the others on the team. In the midgame, everyone on the team was getting very fed and Artemis was particularly picking up speed by taking advantages of the multiple skirmishes across the map.

Eventually, CES pushed all lanes to DBL’s inhibitor towers and broke the nexus turrets through mid. The gold from the past few team fights gave them a lot of items which had very evident effects. These could be seen from Yado’s crazy high Q damage on Zoe and Artemis’ ultimate on MF. The 2nd game ended in just under 26 minutes with a lead of 21 to 9 for CES.

We may not have been doing the best in the first few series matches we were in, however, we train to play well in the late game. Finally, it has reached that point in the game where we can turn it around and push for the win. CES is coming, so don’t miss our next few games.

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