Over the course of the past 4 days of Arena of Masters, there has been one team in particular who has been destroying the competition for PUBG in Vietnam. That team is Cerberus Esports or CES for short. 

Right now as of the 21st match, CES has been leading in first place with a staggering 195 points with second place far behind at 120 points. This is a very powerful and strong lead for CES and we likely won’t need to worry about any other teams for a few more matches. We’ve currently played 15 matches and have surmounted an incredible 118 kills – almost double the amount in second place. 

3 players in CES are currently at the top right now for the most kills in Arena of Masters with those in order being Taikonn, HaiSaki and Ssubang. Taikonn is leading with 46 kills in the tournament and CES is still far ahead with 27 kills from Ssubang over 24 kills in 4th place Sme111. 

In regards to damage, CES is still reigning strong with the same 3 players in the top 4. Taikonn still being at the top with nearly 8000 damage and second place HaiSaki at 4600 damage. Ssubang is catching up still but does have an extremely impressive 4100 damage to his name. 

Once again, our 3 CES players are top 3 again but this time in knockdowns. Taikonn reigns still with 38 knocks whilst HaiSaki has 25 and Ssubang very close with only 1 knock to close the gap at 24 knocks.

CES on average lasts the longest out of any team in the tournament. A strategy we use for getting points and lasting long is an extremely buzzkill playstyle where we kill as much as possible – playing it mostly close-mid range as we don’t have any top marks in range or accuracy but if you don’t have a good weapon sometimes, what can you really do?

As of the 21st match, we’ve won 6 games. This means that we have won almost a third of the games, giving us an extremely impressive win to loss ratio for a tournament of this pool. An extremely great day for the CES team was on the first day where we dominated 3 games and stayed in 1st place. In the past 4 days, CES has only dropped out within reaching the top 10 leaderboards of a single round.

Overall, CES has been doing an absolutely amazing job at staying on top of Arena Of Masters so far and seem very likely to win it. Although there are still 9 days to catch up, let us hope that we can maintain their strong position in the leaderboard.

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