VCS Spring 2021 Schedule, CERBERUS went to battle with new names

VCS Spring 2021 officially kicked off on January 22, 2021 with the participation of 8 top League of Legends teams in Vietnam, which are: Burst The Sky, CERBERUS Esports, GAM Esports, Luxury Esports, Saigon Buffalo , SBTC Esports, Team Flash and Team Secret. In particular, Luxury Esports won tickets from the promotion round and SBTC Esports bought a match slot from EVOS Esports. The 2021 Spring VCS Group stage continued to play in a two-round circular format to select the top four teams for the final round.

CERBERUS Esports’s line-up for the 2021 Spring VCS includes:

  • Tran “Artemis” Quoc Hung – ADC
  • Le “RonOP” Thien Han – Supporter
  • Ngo “Hieu3” Minh Hieu – Supporter
  • Bui “XuHao” Hoang Son Vuong – Jungler
  • Nguyen “EGO” Khanh Hoa – Jungler
  • Nguyen “Phuc1” Minh Phuc – Jungler
  • Group “Yado” Minh Trung – Mid Laner
  • Ngo “LL” Minh Quan – Top Laner
  • Nguyen “Pun” Dang Khoa – Top Laner
  • Tran “Archie” Minh Nhut – Coach
  • Huynh “Yuna” Van Tan – Analyst

In which, there are 2 new names appearing under the CERBERUS Esports at VCS Spring 2021, namely Nguyen “EGO” Khanh Hoa and Nguyen “Phuc1” Minh Phuc. EGO is a young talent who won the 2020 VCS Summer Championship and Phuc1 is a member of the Cerberus Academy team.

With a line-up of bright names, CERBERUS Esports is determined to participate in the final round and win the 1st place to attend the MSI 2021.

Schedule of the group stage VCS Spring 2021:

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